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Matplotlib Style Sheets

Hi all, how are you?

Matplotlib is a python plotting library and a very useful tool for researchers. You can use it to generate all desired graphs using only one command in order to make results evaluation quicker and easier.

Since version 1.4, Matplotlib provides support to customize graphs through the style package. You can check the default styles through the command:

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
print (

[ 'seaborn-whitegrid', 
  'ggplot', 'classic', 

As I searched for a “palette” of these styles and I did not found, I decided to test them and post the result here. It might be useful and help any of you decide which style use in your plots.

bmh seaborn-talk seaborn-darkgrid seaborn-notebook seaborn-dark-palette seaborn-dark seaborn-muted ggplot seaborn-white classic seaborn-pastel seaborn-poster grayscale dark_background fivethirtyeight seaborn-paper seaborn-colorblind seaborn-deep seaborn-bright seaborn-ticks seaborn-whitegrid

Thanks for your attention!

Written by Juliano Fischer Naves in 04 Nov 2015.