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Setting up ONE in Netbeans IDE

Hi, my sincere thanks to Sahil Gupta who contributed to this post via e-mail. After we learned how to set up ONE in Eclipse, now we will learn how to set up it in Netbeans.

Click on New Project (ctrl + shift + n) then select Java Project with Existing Sources.

New Java Project

Click Next. Put your project name at the field Project Name then click Next.

Project Configuration

Now you have to add the source code. Click Add Folder and navigate to the simulator root folder, then select it.

Project Configuration

The following message may appear:

Project Configuration

Click Delete and proceed. Right-click on Libraries at the left side panel, then Add Library. Select JUnit 4.10 then click Add Library button.

Add Library

Right-click Libraries again, now click Add Jar/Folder. Navigate to ONE source code root enter lib dir then select DTNConsoleConnection.jar and ECLA.jar. Click OK.

Add Library

Go to the project properties, select Libraries, choose JDK 1.6 as Java Platform. Now, select Run and choose the Working Directory as the ONE simulator root folder.

Run the project, select core.DTNSim as main class and click OK. Now, you should be able to run ONE right from Netbens. :smile:

Thanks for your attention!

Written by Juliano Fischer Naves in 14 Jun 2015.